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The Li-Pol Systems company projects, manufactures and delivers all types of li-polymer batteries according to the requirements of the customer.

The demand for light and compact li-polymer batteries is growing every year now, consequently new areas for their use appear (robotics, medical equipment, fail-operational systems of protection, lights, sensors), manufacturing technologies develop (this allows to create the most compact sizes and low weight with the high capacity of the battery).

At the same time the customer of lithium batteries will be in need of a very qualitative product which meets his requirements, that is the battery size, its weight, capacity etc.

We understand that the only right decision will be the one that suits only to you.

In the course of work we engage qualified engineers, use long-term experience in the industry of the lithium batteries manufacturing, the latest automated equipment for creation of batteries meeting all your requirements.

We carry out production of li-polymer batteries according to the sketch, terms of reference or samples from the customer.

Analyzing the provided data, engineers of the Li-Pol Systems company study the possibility of production and offer recommendations on the improvement of the final product.

The main products of the company are li-polymer batteries with the increased capacity (from 7100mAh-40000mAh), offering the longest period of service from one charge in combination with lightness, compactness and reliability.

We also make li-polymer batteries of standard capacity (150mah-7100mah) and with high discharge currents (5-60C), possessing high quality, safety and operational flexibility.

Li-polymer batteries produced by Li-Pol Systems have excellent storage density indicators, combine minimum weight and sizes.

All accumulators pass a full cycle of testing. We provide guarantee for our products. In case of the warranty event the battery is replaced in short terms.

Our company works individually with each customer, offering consultations during the product development process up to the expiration of the battery working lifespan."



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