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Lithium batteries


Стандартные Lipo аккамуляторы

Аккумуляторы повышенной ёмкости

Аккумуляторы с высокими токами


The Li-Pol Systems company possesses hi-tech equipment that allows to produce modern li-polymer batteries with the capacity from 150mAh to 21000mAh and more with possibility of application in various spheres: from portable electronics to electric transport.

Li-polymer batteries of the Li-Pol Systems Company have good value for money. Batteries possess high-power density, the wide range of working temperatures, and they are safe if used properly.

The list of li-polymer batteries is presented to get acquainted. If there are no models meeting your requirements, or if you have questions concerning making changes in the current models or concerning acquisition you can contact us using a form in the section Contact us.


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