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Frequently asked questions

1) published the final list of batteries or is there another model?

Model is suitable for you, you can choose from the models, or to order by their size. You can send us your technical requirements, or in another form to tell us your requirements. Through the use of high-tech equipment and qualified staff of engineers the opportunity to create a unique product aimed at meeting the individual requirements of the customer. After receiving your data, we will promptly provide information on further co-operation, will produce test samples in the case of such a need for initial testing and, if necessary, make adjustments. Create a product that is suitable for you, this is the main goal of our company, and we are working closely every request of our clients.


2) What is the minimum quantity and production time?

Our company is engaged in wholesale deliveries of batteries, respectively, the minimum lot is discussed with each customer individually. But there are always a few models in stock in the Bank of Russia, which makes it possible to supply a minimum of 10pcs parties and in the shortest time of 2 working days. In addition, the company Li-pol systems always enable the customer to get a battery of tests, which means that for a small amount. After the positive test results is discussed further cooperation and delivery. Terms of delivery from the factory, ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months. To reduce the delivery time to the customer, the Russian Federation is made keeping the basic models of batteries.


3) Is there a guarantee on products

The products warranty, guarantee work, the battery is replaced by another one in a short time. We also consider it necessary to note that the period from the date of production of the battery to the transmission customer does not exceed 3 months, minimizing the "aging effect" batteries. Our company not only supplies the battery on the territory of Russia, but also bears the full responsibility for product quality and for compliance with the stated specifications. None apposite remark not be left unattended in the company. This is one of the principles of business ethics of Li-pol systems.


4) The site shows only the battery 3.7v, is it possible to order the assembly of high currents (7.4 / 11.1 / 14.8)?

The models presented on the site, mostly intended to further the self-assembly of batteries. If it is impossible to assemble a client, the company Li-pol systems can provide factory assembled with the required currents and packaging in plastic, carbon fiber or other enclosure.


5) How long can I store it?

To ensure the long-term (more than a month) storage battery, you need to follow some simple rules:

Transfer to battery-storage mode (3,8 V-3, 9V);

-During storage, once a month, check the voltage with a voltmeter;

-If the voltage is different from 3,8 V-3, 9V, recharge to the required performance;

Store in a cool, dry place with a temperature of 5-20C

-To maximize battery performance closely matched the factory, do not recommend storing batteries for over a year.

We hope that these recommendations will help you to always be ready to work, even after a long break.


6) Do the operating lithium-polymer battery-zero temperatures?

In the battery, during the recoil energy, chemical reactions take place. When operating in sub-zero temperatures, the process is slowed down, the consequence is a decrease battery performance. When used in temperatures above zero, features restored to working values.


7) How many cycles of the life of lithium-polymer batteries?

There is no single answer to this question is no. Battery lifetime depends on how well she enjoyed. We can not allow a full battery discharge, over-charge, and charge higher current than specified by the manufacturer. If you do not violate the manufacturer's recommendations and rules of operation, the number of cycles of charge \ discharge will be at least 300 over the life of the battery.


8) What is the difference lithium polymer and lithium-ion batteries?

Lithium-polymer batteries are compact, low thickness and rectangular in shape, are used in many electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets. Lithium-polymer batteries often abbreviated as «lipo», «lipol», «lipo."

Lithium-polymer batteries are often used as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries for a number of reasons:

-The risk of ignition in the lithium-ion battery is higher than the lithium-polymer;

Lithium-polymer batteries can produce a very thin thickness (~ 2 mm)

Unnecessarily, in the structure of the polymer lithium battery using a gel electrolyte, the battery weight is significantly lower than the lithium-ion battery.

Lithium-polymer batteries are more resistant to overcharge and better protected against leakage.

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